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Take your corporate transparency initiative to a whole new level and show the world what it means to have a stake in your company with our virtual tour platform.

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Whether your audience uses a PC, a Mac, a VR headset, a tablet or mobile, our service can deliver to any device.

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Desktop (Windows)

For an optimal experience, download our tour viewer software.

Microsites (Cross Platform)

Geared to social media sharing and supported by analytics.

Browser (Chrome, Edge and Firefox)

An optimised tour runs in your browser. No software required.

Oculus VR

Experiment full immersion with the Oculus headset for maximum audience engagement.

Our Platform

Bringing stakeholders from every corner of the world to your corner of the world.

Quickly and cost-effectively create an immersive virtual tour experience of the heart of your business, its people and its values, and seamlessly distribute the experience to your audience of stakeholders, potential investors and regulatory bodies.

Platform hosting and distribution services

Our platform is designed specifically to deliver your virtual site visit to your audience on the hardware of their choice (PC, Mac, VR, tablet or mobile) in the fastest, most seamless manner possible.

Use our multimedia team or create your own material

Leverage our virtual tour production specialists to produce a VR tour of your operation you’ll share with the world.

Alternatively, why not use off-the-shelf, low-cost and easy-to-use hardware to capture your own tour material, and we’ll support you all the way.

Tour updates

Once your tour is published, you can keep it updated on an ongoing basis with new content and even expand it to new areas of your operations. Enrich the educational experience with interactive 3D models, data, video, animations and infographics.

A cost-effective, scalable and virtually instantaneous way to give your audience a deep understanding of your asset has never existed – until now.

About Us

Reality Check Systems for Vision Sharing and Project Management

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Our purpose is to improve the access and transparency of assets to its stakeholders.


“This is the only way to show off mine sites going forward.”

Simon Purkiss
Managing Director, Consolidated Nickel Mines Ltd
“Reality Check executed very well for us.”

Peter Sinclair
Chief Sustainability Officer, Barrick Gold

“It has been amazing working with you and your team! I am so excited about doing the other sites!”
Michelle Ash
Chief Innovation Officer, Barrick Gold Chairman, GMG
Screenshot of Reality System Virtual Visit Platform
Case Studies

Anglo American: Minas-Rio

After a pipeline-leak incident, Anglo American used our virtual reality tour to promote its recovery plan and regain trust from shareholders.

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