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Reality Check Systems delivers deep-immersion virtual reality tours of industry assets augmented with key information for the investor community.

We give site owners the power of virtual tour creation in order to facilitate low-cost, high-impact virtual site visits that can be shared from their website, from our app or by webinar and video conference with hundreds of viewers at a time.

Our purpose is to improve the access to and transparency of stakeholders’ assets

Use our cloud infrastructure and user interface to cost-effectively deliver your research, data, designs and 3D visualisations to the desktop and through fully immersive virtual reality environments anywhere in the world.

Founded by John van Eeghen following a successful career as a natural resources broker to institutional investors, Reality Check Systems solves the problem of bringing the global investment community and other stakeholders to geographically fixed assets.

Innovative Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry experience, Reality Check Systems operates a flexible business model in order to deliver bespoke tours that balance need and budget. Learn more about our services.

Success stories

Our clients range from major diversified miners and large-cap concerns such as  Anglo American, Barrick and Vale to micro-caps, private companies, consultants and the buy side.

Completed projects range from historic sites in Wales to large, open-pit operations in Peru.

Read our case studies.

Democratising virtual reality to high-grade the due diligence process, facilitate transparency and build confidence.

Use our cloud infrastructure and user interface to cost-effectively deliver your research, data, designs and 3D visualisations to the desktop or through a fully immersive virtual reality environment anywhere in the world.

Our Team

John van Eeghen


Before founding Reality Check, John was a partner and natural resources sector specialist at a major Canadian investment bank and brokerage house. He has been funding mining companies for a decade. He also held leadership roles in a major media and technology firm.

Gokce Balkan


Gokce joined Reality Check in 2015. He has a BSc and MSc in electrical and electronics engineering and an MSc in computer games and entertainment. Gokce has co- developed products for some of the leading VR houses in the UK.

Gem Rey


A professional photographer for over 15 years, Gem has worked in challenging and isolated situations. She has experience of industrial and marine environments, including shooting in one of the busiest port facilities in the world.

David van Eeghen


David has enjoyed success as a communications and impact specialist for over 13 years. He has worked with high-profile charities, impact oriented investment funds and private sector business consultants.

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