Rebuilding credibility through transparency

Anglo American’s slurry pipeline transports ore 529 km from the Minas-Rio mine site in Minas Gerais to their iron ore terminal at the port of Acu. In 2018 it failed, leaking iron ore solution into the local environment and necessitating shutdown and refurbishment of the pipeline and environment.

A year later, on the completion of the remedial work to the pipeline and a restart of operations at Minas-Rio, Anglo American commissioned Reality Check to build an immersive virtual tour of their mine site, pump stations, and port facilities to showcase the results of their clean-up as well as the operational safety and efficiency of the asset to their shareholders and broader stakeholders, including local and national government, communities, and NGOs.

The Reality Check tour of Minas-Rio was used at the Anglo American investor day in front of a live audience in London in 2019 to support Mark Cutifani’s statement summarising the remedial actions that had been taken by the company to safely re-commission the project.

The tour was later embedded on the landing page of Anglo American’s website where it stayed for months, freely accessible to public scrutiny.

Remote Support

Initiated by Anglo’s London head office, the company used local Brazilian videographers remotely supported by Reality Check know-how and equipped with low-cost 360° video cameras and a drone.

Low-Cost Solution

Minimising logistical requirements and costs, over the course of two days Anglo American captured the critical points of their site and infrastructure, uploading the material to the Reality Check cloud.

Fast Turnaround

Reality Check then created an immersive virtual site visit of the entire operation, including satellite images and conventional photos, videos and data evidence of the remedial work.

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